Welcome to the WordPress guide section.

The goal of this section is to give you an introduction to WordPress, what WordPress can do for you, how to setup a website or blog with WordPress and how to actually make WordPress work for your website. If you are someone who has no idea what WordPress is and how to use it to make a website or blog, this section if here for your reference.

Please note that understanding WordPress is going to take some time. It will take some time before you completely understand each concept and how they fit together. Don’t worry if you do not understand everything, I didn’t understand it either. I did understand when I actually used WordPress for years. Nobody understands everything in the first go, it is perfectly fine not to understand everything on day one.

Carefully read through each topic and try to understand each concept. Do let me know if you have any questions.


  • What is WordPress?
  • Why do I need WordPress for my website and blog?
  • Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • What is web hosting?
  • What is FTP?
  • What is a database and what is PHP?

Installing WordPress

  • How to Install WordPress manually?
  • How to Install WordPress using Fantastico?
  • How to Install WordPress locally in your computer?

Understanding WordPress dashboard

  • Creating content within WordPress
  • Uploading images and videos to Media Library
  • Moderating user comments
  • Changing WordPress Permalink structure
  • Changing WordPress Reading and Writing settings
  • Changing WordPress General settings
  • Adding new users and managing existing users
  • Importing Content in WordPress
  • Exporting Content out of WordPress
  • Backup your WordPress website

WordPress themes

  • What is a WordPress theme?
  • Do I need to create my own WordPress theme?
  • How do I choose a WordPress theme for my blog or website?
  • Should I purchase a WordPress theme for my website or blog?
  • What are the best websites to purchase a WordPress theme?
  • How do I make changes to a WordPress theme?
  • What is Widget? How to Add widgets to a WordPress theme?

WordPress Plugins

  • What is a WordPress plugin?
  • What Plugins should I use on my blog or website?
  • How do I Install WordPress Plugins?
  • How can I create a custom WordPress plugin which does not exist yet?