Many newbie bloggers in the age range of 18-22 have this doubt

Blogging is a lucrative profession these days. I can write content and make money, without having to look for a job or work for the man. Besides that, I can work in Pyjamas and become a full time blogger, then what is the need for continuing with my college degree? I may as well quit college, give up studies and pursue blogging full time.

I had the same doubt when I was 21. But I am glad that I did not quit my studies for blogging. And I will explain some good reasons why you should not quit your studies to pursue blogging full time.

Don’t Quit College or Studies for Full Time Blogging

The simple reason is flexibility and being in a position to adapt to a situation, should anything go wrong.

Blogging can be a good profession but you never know what’s in store for future. You never know how the industry is going to change twenty years from now. You can never know the future of something since the future is always uncertain. When you are starting out, the future may look promising but fact is that it is not in your control.

Tomorrow, anything can happen. A person without a college degree may end up in a situation where he needs to find a job to make ends meet. Life is uncertain. Money cannot guarantee a secure future. Yes you may become a millionaire or make a fortune out of writing a very successful blog but then again, you never know what’s in store for future.

There is an age old saying

It is not the strongest of the specie, neither the most intelligent but the one who is most adaptive to change.

In life, there will be many ups and downs. There will be many rainy days, there will be many struggles, many battles, many losses and profits. It is the cycle of life. Regardless of who you are and what you want to be in life, you are not an exception.

Blogging is good and money making can wait. But for students, I highly recommend finishing college first. At least get a bachelor’s degree and have a couple of years of work experience before deciding to quit your job to pursue blogging full time.

You may not love blogging 5 years from now

This is the bitter truth.

You are starting out today, have made some money writing blogs and think that you can stick to this profession for the remainder portion of your life.

But that is not the truth. You yourself might not realize this now but everything has a start and an end. What goes up, certainly comes down. This is a universal law, nobody is an exception.

It is possible that you may not like to blog five years from now. It is possible that you may lose the drive, energy and passion. It is possible that your blog stops attracting readers and revenue takes a downward spiral. It is possible that your writing vigour evaporates.

I am not discouraging you but there are so many possibilities. You never know what your state will be 5 years from now. You never know that what you think is exciting today will not become boring in a couple of years from now.

You may need a job 10 years from now

Depending on your financial situation, state of mind, family responsibilities and other situations, you may need to look out for a job 10 years later. Who knows?

If you never finished college and have never worked for the man, how will you adapt to a situation where you desperately need a job to make ends meet? Finishing college will at least make you eligible to apply for jobs. Without a degree, it will become extremely difficult to land in a decent jobs so my advice is to always finish college before taking the plunge.

I know people who made enough money in their early years only to lose all of it after 35. They had to go back, start from scratch and the battles they fought were harder, much harder than that of a fresh graduate.

Answer these questions

Think long term and answer the following questions.

  • Can you continue this profession for 10-20 years from now?
  • Will you be able to diversify your profession adhering to market demands and conditions?
  • Won’t you feel “burn out” working alone without social interaction?
  • What is your financial situation? How much financial security you or your family have?
  • What is your “Fall back” plan? Will that plan work or do you have the ability to make it work, given extreme conditions?
  • How much digital and physical assets you have? Will you be able to survive and make ends meet through physical assets (real estate, land, property) should your digital assets do not contribute to the cash flow?
  • Will you be able to survive the social dogma?

If the answer to all the questions is a Yes, perfect. You can choose to quit and pursue full time blogging but my advice will still be to at least finish college, gain a couple of years of work experience, save some money and then choose to become a full time blogger.

Education never fails anyone and money making can wait. You can make money whenever you want but you may not be able to finish college later. Think long term and make an informed decision.