A man without a beard is a lot like a lion without a mane.

Longest beard in Calcutta

So what’s up with this post and why am I writing this? Well it just so happened that

  • I work as an SEO analyst in marketing department of a company.
  • One of the senior executives often gives me a neat example of “man with the longest beard” to illustrate the concept of search volume. How many people search that thing? Very few, almost none.
  • So if you are creating content and trying to rank for keywords which nobody is searching for, you are not going to have results
  • Hence the longest beard example.

So this blog post is related to that.

Here is what I am trying to get to

  • Make this page rank in Google search results for a “longest beard” keyword or a similar phrase
  • Grow the beard and make it long for real. After all, content is just a hook to bring someone in. If they don’t see my beard, it’s not going to stick.
  • Can’t grow it that big that I became the longest bearded man in the planet, that’s going to take a few decades.
  • Can’t grow it that big that I could become the longest bearded man in my country, there are people who have already achieved this
  • But I can grow it big enough that I become the longest bearded man in calcutta, which is my hometown.
  • Don’t get divorced during the process.

So here we are, let’s see if I succeed.

Tips for Growing a Good Beard

If you are the guy who always dreams of growing a good beard but never succeed, here are few tips for you

  1. Forget what everyone is saying. Just ignore it.
  2. Keep growing your beard and throw away your shaving kit.
  3. Forget what your family and friends are saying.
  4. Keep growing your beard.
  5. Forget, Ignore and move on. People talk about things they don’t have themselves.
  6. Wait for 6 months.
  7. Don’t listen to your girlfriend or wife. Ignore and move on.
  8. Now your beard is big enough. You will notice head turns when you walk in the road.
  9. Yea they are quite jealous of your long thick beard and they will tell you to cut it since it looks odd. Do not listen to them.
  10. Notice the subtle eye movements of people in a bus, station or a public place (especially the opposite gender). It means your plan is working
  11. Forget what your friends and family is saying
  12. Dont use beard oil. Keep it natural
  13. Shampoo it once in a while and groom that thing. It will get much denser after 6-7 months.

You are on your way to become the longest bearded man in your town. It could take a year or two or maybe 10 years but it is defintitely possible.