One of the biggest hurdles of any blogger is to generate fresh content ideas for their blog on a regular basis. Content that is useful and engages the audience is hard to churn out and this is where many bloggers struggle to keep pace.

A time comes when you will start dealing with Writer’s block, you will try to write but will not be getting good ideas. This will happen from time to time and there is little you can do about it.

The best tip I would suggest is not to force writing on you and let it come naturally. Good writing comes naturally and takes time, you cannot force creativity on you.

However, when your business depends on the content you write and you are the only author of your blog with some readership, your readers will have some expectations. They will visit your site to read content and if you don’t publish on a regular routine, your readers will be disappointed.

Generating Content Ideas for Your Blog Through Listicles

In my blogging career, the following way has always helped me stay ahead of writers block and helps me to create content ideas like crazy.

Solution: Create long resource pages, also known as Listicles.

Create a new blog post – 101 ways to do something and start writing it. You will notice that as you keep adding content to that post and save the draft, newer ideas will emerge. The trick here is to immediately open a new editor page, save the new content idea as a “new draft” and return back to that main Listicle which you were composing.

As you keep adding more and more points in your resource page, more and more ideas will emerge which you can link from the listicle. This also helps to create a good “sneeze  page” on your blog which links to the deep pockets of your website, thereby improving your site’s linking ratio and contributing to better search engine optimization.

For example, I checked my drafts and can see that I have 10-12 listicles pending and I have not published them since months. The reason I have not been able to publish those posts is that these posts are actually dependent on individual posts which must be first published so that when I publish the Listicle, it can link to those individual posts.


Suddenly, you have a lot of content to write which would support the listicle post and unless you complete those posts, your listicle cannot go live.

This is exactly what you had wanted – to generate content ideas for your blog.

In short, the trick here is to keep adding listicles as draft and spend more time working on these resource pages. When you start working on resource pages, you will find ideas to compose smaller blog posts which are actually required for the listicle.

This is when unexplored post ideas will come into existence and you will have some way out to fight the Writer’s block. Do let me know in the comments if this trick had helped you overcome writer’s block and generate fresh content ideas for your next blog post.