When you are developing your website or blog, often times you would want to find out which of your website pages are ranking on 1st position in Google and for which keywords. This is a critical part of keyword research and developing the right content strategy for your websites – to figure out whether your website is ranking for the most profitable keywords which are important for your business.

Previously, we have mentioned how to monitor search ranks for your competitors.

If your business has a fair amount of competition, you would want to monitor search rankings of your competitor sites to see what’s going on with their rankings. At the same time, it is also important to find out which pages on your website are currently ranking on top of search results in Google search. And since ranking changes are constant, you have to keep track of this all the time (preferably once every month).

Now whether you should do this manually or use a tool to monitor each and every page of your website depends on a case by case basis. If your website is fairly big (more than 1000 pages), it is quite difficult to monitor each and every page manually. For example, I have blogs with more than 1000 posts and I just do not have the time and energy to monitor their rankings manually, on a keyword to keyword basis.

In this article, I will explain how to find pages on your website which are ranking on 1st position in Google search and for which keywords. There are multiple tools I use and no one tool is perfect, but in this article, I will explain how I monitor search rankings of all the pages of my website using SEMrush

How to Find Which Pages Are Ranking On 1st Position in Google Search For Specific Keywords

  1. Sign up for a SEMrush account. SEMrush is not free, it will cost you a subscription fee but you will soon realize that the money you spend is well worth the insights you are getting in return.
  2. Go to “Organic Research”.organic research semrush
  3. Type in your Website’s URL and click on Search.You can type in your website URL in case you want to find out rankings for your site and you can also type in the URL of your competitor to check his rankings. SEMrush will fetch the data soon and you will be able to see which pages of your website are ranking on 1st position in the 1st page in Google and for which keyword it is being ranked.Google Search Rankings
  4. You can sort the table by monthly search volume, Google search position and also by the number of results. Once you have sorted the table, you can download the entire list into a CSV file or an Excel Worksheet and start working on it.

Here is how my excel sheet looks once I had downloaded the entire data of one of my sites.

This lists clearly mention which page on the website is ranking on Google search in the first position and what is the keyword or search phrase for which it is ranking for. This is also a very nice way to find long tail keywords which are ranking on top of search results in Google.

If you don’t want to use a paid solution to track rankings of each page of your website, it is still doable. You can download the entire list of keywords from Google Search console and then individually check the ranking of every page of your website once a month. But you will soon realize that for large sites, it won’t be manageable and will become too laborious.

In case you wonder how SEMrush fetches so much data, they use the Google custom search API which is available to be used by anyone. So if you are a developer and know how to build applications, you can build a simple rank tracking application yourself and use it to monitor Google search rankings for your sites. In case you don’t have that luxury, it is worthwhile to invest in SEO tools which gives you critical insights about your website’s rankings in Google and other search engines.