Often times, you may need to find the ID of a page or post in WordPress. You may need it to customize your theme, write custom code in the loop or do a lot of other things. Here is how you can find out the ID of a page or post in WordPress.

  1. Login to the WordPress administration area of your website and click on “Pages > All pages”

  2. This will show you the list of all the pages you have on your website or blog. Click on the “Edit” link to edit the page.

  3. When the page loads, you will be able to see the ID of the page in the browser URL.

So that’s how you find the ID of a page. This is also applicable for Posts, tags, categories, users and other Taxonomies in WordPress.

Please note that this will work regardless of the WordPress theme you are using. There are plugins available to list down all the WordPress post and page ID’s on one page but I would still prefer going the manual way, without using the plugins. Of course, if you have thousands of pages and posts on your website, then manual work will take a lot of effort. In that case, using a plugin makes more sense.