One of the most important things regarding keyword research is to check Google search rankings for your chosen set of keywords. This could mean checking current Google search positions or checking past Google search positions for the entire list of keywords you are working with.

Not only yours, you may also like to check Google search positions for keywords that your competitors are ranking for. Combining your own keywords and a dozen of your competitors, the list will be quite big and this is the time you will need to bulk check Google search rankings for multiple keywords of your site and your competitors.

Manually checking the Google search position of each and every keyword is not going to cut it for two reasons. First, this process is pretty laborious and if you are dealing with thousands of keywords and lots of competitors, it becomes even more difficult to track the rank of each keyword for each competitor.

Secondly, the ranks aren’t going to be static and they will keep changing all the time, every day, every week, every month. The ranks will shift through one competitor to a new one and eventually you will end up doing the same thing over and over again. You have to learn how to automate the process of checking Google search position for keywords of your choice.

In this post, we will explore some cool ways to bulk check Google search ranks for multiple keywords. Most of the services mentioned here are premium services but there is one service which let’s you bulk check Google search ranks of any number of keywords for free (for just one month). I have excluded all the sites, tools and extensions which gives inaccurate data and have trimmed the list to only 4 tools which I have used and recommend.

SEMrush – Bulk Check Google search ranks for multiple keywords

If you already have an SEMrush account, you can use Semrush to do keyword research and at the same time, track the Google search ranks for specific keywords. There is no need to use any additional service and Semrush is by far the ultimate SEO toolkit you will ever need.

Known as Position tracking, the tool lets you import upto 500 keywords in your current subscription plan and lets you track the ranks for selected multiple keywords for any number of competitors.

Once you have added all the keywords to your SEMrush competitor tracking tool, give it some time to pull the data and you will see Google search ranks of all your competitors in one place for the chosen keywords.

The good news about this tool is that it is very comprehensive and detailed. If you use this tool, you will not need to use any other tool since SEMrush’s competitor tracking tool for Google search ranks hosts all the features you will ever need to check rankings of keywords in bulk.

The bad news is that there are limitations on the number of keywords you can add. If you are a Pro member, you can add upto 500 keywords to the position tracking tool for free. You don’t have to pay anything other than your monthly subscription charge of $90 or $100 a month.

However, if you are want to track more than 500 keywords, you will need to upgrade your SEMrush subscription. It will cost you $60 for each 500 keywords you add.

Currently, I am tracking only 500 so I am not paying anything more than the monthly subscription fee. However, if I wish to track 2000 keywords, then I will have to buy the additional 1500 keywords which will cost me $180 a month apart from the monthly subscription fee.

If the fee is not an issue for your business, I strongly recommend you use SEMrush’s position tracking tool to check the rankings of all your competitors keywords in bulk.

Get an SEMrush pro subscription today

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is another tool which I highly recommend for checking keyword rankings in bulk.

You start with a Free account and add upto 5 competitors and 50 keywords. SE Ranking then processes your request and gives you a detailed overview of the Google search rankings for all the keywords which you have added to your project.

The good thing about SERanking is that you will be able to see the rankings for any given day of the week and how that ranking has changed. Also, you can individually check the rank of each keyword and compare it visually with your competitors. The downside is that Se Ranking doesn’t allow side by side of rankings for individual competitors but you can always export the Google search ranking position data to Excel for each competing site and then assemble the results together into one spreadsheet.

Se Ranking’s pricing is quite basic and it is not very expensive, compared to the other tools we have for checking search positions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The starter plan will cost $7 a month for rank tracking of 50 keywords. For  250 keywords, you have to pay $39 a month and for 1000 keywords it would cost $89 a month. For 2500 keywords or more, you have to pay $189 a month.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is another great tool which I personally use for all of my businesses and I highly recommend anyone who is serious about rank tracking of keywords on a consistent basis.

So why do I recommend you to use Authority Labs over other tools?

The good thing about Authroty labs is that this service imposes no limitations on the number of keywords you can use on any project, while you are still on the trial plan and haven’t paid or spent a penny on it.

You can add any number of keywords and then import upto 500 keywords for that competitor. Once you are done with tracking the ranks for selected competitor for a selected competitor, you can export the list as a CSV or Microsoft Excel file and then add the next batch of keywords for tracking. So in this way, you can add unlimited keywords to your project and bulk check keyword rankings for any number of sites without any payment commitment or other usage limitations.

You can add multiple users to your project, invite people for collaborating and share the results of a project over email. The trial account of Authority Labs is free for 30 days after which your account will be suspended.


AntRanks is another great tool which you can use to check positions of particular keywords on Google for multiple competitors and businesses.

The interface is clean and very focussed. The one thing I like about Antranks is that you can go just beyond a week or month and extend the search for upto 30 months, so this gives you historic data of Google search rank and positions for particular keywords.

The reporting feature of Antranks is by far the most detailed and comprehensive I have seen in any of the products so far, so if you are the marketing manager of your company and want to schedule daily reports for Google search rankings, positions and everything else – Antranks is the way to go. You can download daily reports and schedule reports to be sent to an email address as a PDF file attachment.

One of the very unique features of Antranks is the “Competitor analysis” section which no other tools provides with extensive details. What Antranks does is that it looks into all the keywords you have added and automatically figures out the competitor for each individual keyword. So no matter if you have added your competing sites yourself, Antranks still goes to work and shows you the competitors for each individual keyword.

This is very useful when you are not sure if new players have emerged from smaller sub markets and they are trying to make their way up where you get your business from. This helps you keep an eye on the newer players and analyze competition on a keyword level individually.

I suggest you give AntRanks a try, the free plan let’s you avail all the features for 14 days without any upfront cost (but you are limited to only 100 checks a day, so you can’t use it for Analyzing the ranks of thousands of keywords. In this particular use case, I would suggest you give Authority Labs a try since they do not put any limitations on the number of ranking checks you can make on any given day.)

The Basic plan costs $9.5 a month which 700 checks a day, the advanced plan costs $24 for 2000 daily checks while the professional plan would cost $50 for 5000 daily checks.

So which Rank Checker Tool You Should Choose?

Now that you know the best options available in the market, which rank checker tool you should choose for your business? It greatly depends on what your exact requirements are but I would suggest you take the following approach

  • If you already have an SEMrush account which you use for keyword research, domain analysis and measuring other SEO metrics, I would suggest you upgrade your subscription plan and buy credits for adding more keywords in position tracking tool. If you do not need to track anything beyond 500 keywords, then you do not even need to buy credits.
  • If you do not have an SEMrush account and you would just want a free tool to bulk check Google search rank for multiple keywords, I would suggest you give Authority labs a try. Their tool is compltely free for the first 30 days with no usage limitations or other payment obligations. The only catch is that your data will be deleted after 30 days if you do not upgrade your account. But if you just want a one time analysis without having to pay anything to anyone, Authority labs is the choice you should make.
  • If you want a professional tool with the least monthly payout commitment, you can choose Antranks or SE Ranking. These tools are not as expensive as Semrush or Authority Labs but then again, they do not cover all the features of SEMrush and Authority Labs. So if you do not need those advanced features and just want to use a simple tool for checking Google search ranks of multiple keywords for your site and for your competitors, either use SE Ranker or AntRanks. I would personally prefer  Antranks over SE ranking because of it’s cool reporting feature and the ability to schedule daily and weekly reports.