About Cult Of Web

Cult Of Web is a blog on internet, blogging, make money online, SEO, WordPress and tips and tricks to use the internet to start and grow your online business. We write content on all things web and focus specifically on using blogs and small niche websites to make a living online.

The internet is full of information on how to start a business but very few people actually start an online business. There are various reasons why people don’t start their own thing and one of the main reasons we found is – people don’t know how to start an online business from scratch.

A little bit about our background. We are a group of bloggers and internet marketers who have known each other online for several years. Each of us own small niche businesses of our own and we often discussed business ideas through email, chat and other online channels. One day, two of us decided to create a group blog on the topic of creating an online business and this website was born. It’s still new and we are just getting started.

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You can reach out to us at editor@cultofweb.com